Community Concerns

District Seven residents have too little power over City policies that affect their lives. With issues ranging from education to development, too many residents of our communities don’t find out about them until the “fix is in.” Over the last few decades the trifecta of economic, political and social disinvestment has taken its toll on the district. When people ask, what’s in it for me?” and City officials can’t come up with an honest answer, there is no incentive for District residents to get involved. 

This has to change.

In addition to working to eliminate abuse of police power, I support a return to a community policing model of the early 1990s where individual police officers were integral parts of the communities they served. More

The interests of the residents of the District are an afterthought, irrespective of the issues. In order to deal with the problem, whatever it may be, we have to first acknowledge the problem exists, deal with all the manifestations of the problem, and realize that residents have a right to be consulted to address the solution. More

Fighting for environmental justice will be a priority of my office. My office will be a link between environmental organizations and residents as a means of creating a community-driven process. More

We must define “affordable” to fit the actual median income of Boston residents, which is much less than the Area Median Income (AMI). Therefore, we must deal with an affordable housing definition that is responsive to the actual income of Boston residents. More

As City Councilor, I will focus on expanding inter-agency cooperation to meet the needs of our youth.

Building on the existing work of the Boston Black COVID Coalition, we must create a community-based health system responsive to existing and future health emergencies. More

Sharing access to basic services is a necessary part of a City Councilor’s job. I will work to address the concerns of all the district residents. Any constituent request will be tracked by my office to ensure a prompt response. More

My office will work with our seniors to ensure both access to existing senior programs and prompt response of any senior concerns. More

We need to restore accountability to the Boston school department, from kindergarten through high school. Working with students, parents and staff, I will do my best to ensure a quality education for all our. More

I will work with our small business community, local Main Streets offices and city departments to ensure a positive environment for. More

The office will serve as a clearing house for folks to get the information they need in a timely fashion.

I will use my office to increase transparency and accountability, so that residents will get real-time information about all the issues and City policies that impact their neighborhoods. More

One of the major flaws in Boston’s development approach to youth issues is that some programs are designed and administered out of the contexts of immediate neighborhood needs and those of the City as a whole. More

We have to face the scale of the substance abuse crisis in Boston, starting with the fact that Boston is the epicenter of a statewide crisis. This crisis involves issues of public health, mental health, substance abuse, public safety, and quality of life. More


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